Local 37 - Queen Elizabeth II Hospital
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Committee Details

Time Commitment: PRC meets at minimum once a month, for two hours, on the 2nd Tuesday at 1300; additional meetings are occasionally held to deal with urgent issues. The Union has a practice of having at least two PRC reps in attendance at every meeting. Meeting attendees are paid by the Employer (see Article 36).

OH&S meets once a month, for about an hour, the fourth Wednesday at 1400. Additional meetings are provided for in the Collective Agreement, but these are rarely held at our Local. The Union has a practice or having at least two reps in attendance at this Committee as well, and attendees are paid by the Employer pursuant to Article 34.

The Grievance Committee does not have regularly scheduled meetings, but instead participates in Step II and Step III meetings with the Employer in processing Grievances. In addition, Grievance Committee members accompany Employees called in for Disciplinary discussions (Article 23), and when necessary accompany Employees in informal Step One discussions with their immediate supervisors. Attendees are not paid by the Employer; however, the Local has funds in the budget to reimburse members for attendance. In addition, there are phone calls to and from the Grievours and the Labour Relations Officer.

Training: UNA operates Provincially-funded workshops for new Committee members; the schedule of workshops is available on the UNA*Net or from a member of the Local Executive. These workshops are generally one day in length, and are held in Edmonton, Calgary, and other centres (we usually send our members to Edmonton); travel, salary replacement for unpaid Union LOA, and other expenses are paid by UNA. New Committee members will be strongly encouraged to attend.