Local 37 - Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Grande Prairie
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- Contact Information -

Main E-mail Address for Local Executive: Local37Exec@una.ab.ca            

For phone numbers for Executive Officers & Committee members, see the posting on all UNA bulletin boards.

2016 Executive Officers

Lisa Hein (Surgical Float)

1st Vice-President
Jennifer Ward (5S)

2nd Vice-President
Roxann Dreger (ICU)

Kerrie Mealey-Meng (ICU)

Brian Brenton (5S)

Labour Relations Officer:  Mark Cowan

Committees <President is ex-officio on all committees>

Grievance Committee (E-Mail: Local37Grievance@una.ab.ca)

Roxann Dreger (ICU),  Chair, 1st contact

Kerrie Mealey (ICU)

Lisa Hein (Surgical Float)

Occupational Health & Safety Committee (OH&S)

Cindy O'Flaherty (ICU)

Anne Keville (3 South)

Janet Carstairs (Nursing Supervisor)

Jana Dooley (5N)

Linda Stoffelsen (1W)

Professional Responsibility Committee (PRC)

Lisa Hein (Surgical Float), Chair

Barb Heinz (L&D)

Jennifer Ward (5 South)

Diana Arends (5N)

Alternates: All Local 37 Executive Officers

Youth Committee

Lauren Black (ER)

Jenna Best (OR)

Annie Meyers (4N)

Who is my Ward Rep? see link: wardreps

United Nurses of Alberta, Provincial Office:

Ph. (Toll-Free): 1-800-252-9394
Website: www.una.ab.ca
Email (Systems—for UNA*Net): systems@una.ab.ca

Mailing Address:
        700 - 11150 Jasper Avenue NW
        Edmonton, Alta.
        T5K 0L1

Phone: (780) 539-6251
E-mail the President: Lisa Hein
E-mail to the Local 37 Executive Conference